The Hornbine School

Rehoboth's One Room Schoolhouse

Hornbine School
1848 -1937

Hornbine School is a one room school house in Rehoboth.

Each year, several hundred scholars from Rehoboth and neighboring towns enjoy a spring day at the school hosted by Mistress Pettine or Mistress Peranzi.

The Hornbine visit is a hands on, enjoyable, educational experience and is part of the Massachusetts Social Studies curriculum in grade three,

Children and adults always enjoy dressing for the occasion. Pupils use wicker baskets, tin boxes, pails or large dinner napkins to carry their period lunches.

During their visit, scholars practice writing with ink using a quill feather pen. They use copy books, slates and horn books while learning their “3Rs”.

Evelyn Bois, who attended Hornbine School in the nineteen twenties and thirties, often visits.  She enjoys sharing her experiences, as a Hornbine School student, with the children.


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