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Our Trip to The Hornbine School

First, we dressed the way kids dressed many years ago.Then, we walked a few hundred feet from the bus to the Hornbine School.

Our teacher rang the school bell while we gathered at the door.

Then, we lined up with the boys on the left and the girls on the right.


Our teacher, Mistress Peranzi, showed us the school yard.

flagpole Next, we raised the flag and sang a patriotic song.

We hung up our coats and found our desks.

Mistress Peranzi told us the rules. We had to stand whenever we answered a question.

Some of us wrote with feather pens while other children read with the teacher. ink

We met Evelyn Bois. She went to Hornbine School when she was a little girl.

Do you know what this is?

Most of us visited the Sanitary.

Mrs. Bois visited with us while we ate our lunch.

We had lots of "old fashioned" games to play during recess.

The boys and girls played games separately.

After lunch and recess, we had a Spelling Bee.

The day passed by quickly.
We signed a guest book and returned to our "Modern School".

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